Yesterday in Rome more than two hundred thousand people gathered at the rally organized by the league and the rest of the opposition.






The center right was united and it was depicted one clear fact: Italy can have a stable government with a strong and consistent agenda for growth based for example on tax cuts, bureaucracy decrease and R&D investments. We could save up on redistributive “pour Boire” laws and invest in competitiveness.
Now it’s not the case, Di Maio, Renzi, Conte are constantly fighting one against each other and, even according the observatory leaded by Mr. Cottarelli: “the financial bill described by the Document of Financial Planning presented by the government is neutral in terms of impact on growth and there are no steps forward in the strengthening of our public accounts”.
The second government Conte bet only on the international credibility horse, it was chosen a Minister of the Economy that was already in the map of some of the main financial institutions having been in the European Parliament for about ten years and having been chairman of the ECON committee for a mandate.
Being on the map it’s not enough now, especially with Business and consumer confidence indexes constantly decreasing we cannot neglect the domestic situation that need sound economic measures.
We also need a stable government, especially in a volatile situation in which we are: Brexit and trade wars, the Catalonian case in Spain, the invasion of Syria by Turkey, the protests in Chile, Hong Kong and Lebanon, one of the few democracies in the Middle East.
Italy could make a difference with a government that speaks in unison; we could definitely make a difference with a Majority electoral system and a Center Right Government.

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