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Technology and Education for Growth of the Mediterranean

During the plenary meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (12 — 13 February 2019), the recommendations drafted by the economic committee in Lisbon (14 December 2018) were approved.

The proposals tackle growth, development and technology, and are in line with the recently approved Italian Financial Bill (see my other Medium articles). The recommendations also serve as a reminder that technology and accessibility to technology are essential to a knowledge society, which is characterized by various phenomenon including globalization (Bauman, 1999; Robertson, 1995) and mutability (Schön, 1973).

Technology (e.g. AI, cloud computing, block chain) can positively impact the learning process and the development of intellectual curiosity. It is extremely important to engage technology in education now-a-days in order to prepare minds to deal with complex problems and uncertainties, organize knowledge and use critical judgement so that students graduate aware of their own mental processes and proficient in independent learning. Technology is also necessary in encouraging more cultural exchange and regional mobility between students and teachers in the Mediterranean area.

I’m convinced that if properly used, technology always create value. For example, it can help create jobs through enterprise creation and attraction (startups included). I encourage you to watch the TED Talk at the following link for an example of the positive impacts of technology.


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