The Recovery Fund resources will be avaible by the end of summer


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On the 8th March we had the hearing of minister Franco about the recovery plan.
Minister Franco explained that ninety percent of the 750 billions of the Next Generation EU will be distributed through the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). The guidelines of the Commission provide that in order to have access to the resources each Country has to draft a plan describing investments and reforms in six areas: green transition, digital transformation, employment and smart/sustainable&inclusive growth, social and territorial cohesion, health and resilience and next generation policies (including education and skills’ development).
At least 37% of the allocation has to sustain the green transition while at least 20% the digital transformation. Plans should be submitted to the Commission by the 30th April 2021, the Commission has 8 weeks to evaluate them and send them to the Council which has 4 weeks for its final decision. It means that the resources will be available by the end of summer. Mr. Franco also said that the main reforms for Italy will be in the areas of Justice, Public Administration and Simplification.

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