The facts of the week! From banks commission to regulatory sandbox for Fintech


Hello and good afternoon by Giulio Centemero on Giulio
This week we finally did, after several deferments, our first session of the inquiring committee on the banking system.
During the session we voted for the chairwoman and deputy chairmen.
I am member of this and another inquiring committee, the one on the death of Giulio Regeni: they both started after several deferments and now we are trying to catch up and avoid unuseful instrumentalizations.
On an other page the Ministry of Economy and Finance finally opened the public consultations concerning the draft regulation for the regulatory sandbox for Fintech. During the growth decree I worked very hard to let Italy have a fintech sandbox and give voice not just to the stakeholders of the Fintech and Insuretech sectors but to all the innovative entrepreneurs. To all the dreamers. Although the consultations open later than expected I’m happy so see my work having a positive impact on the society.
Staying on Fintech and in particular Paytech, SIA announced its IPO, which makes me think the hypothesis of business combination in order to create an Italian Paytech /Fintech Champion is more and more remote although on the Italian press this move is interpreted also as possibly belonging to an overall negotiation technique.
Well I hope so because with the acquisition of Ingenico by Wordline, both French companies, the European M&A season of Fintech just started and as Italians we can’t be unprepared.
Thank you for staying with me, see you next week always on

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