The erosion of the corporate capital is one of the problems caused by the Pandemic. What are the possible solutions?


Good evening by Giulio Centemero on

Last Tuesday the newspaper Libero published the Italian version of an article I had written for the Parliamentary Network at the IMF and the World Bank.
The article starts from the fact that one of the consequences of this pandemic is the erosion of the corporate capital, points out that sustainability is a key driver for growth, talks about the fact that the SDGs are perfectly integrated and finally analyses the position taken by Pope Francis in the encyclical “Praise Be To You”.
This is a short analysis but as lawmaker I need also to provide answers to this issue; some amendments to the “Sostegni Decree” are being drafted and within the Economy department of the League we are trying to find solutions through different sources, including the Civil Code. Feel free to send me your thoughts about it!

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