Thank you for listening and see you for the new years’ wishes soon, always on!

This is the last weekly video of 2019, I thank all of you for following me and giving me feedbacks. I really appreciated!

The Budget Law has been approved through a confidence vote and with only one reading at the Senate, basically excluding completely the lower house which is quite an odd sign for a parliamentarian Republic: this is why as League MPs and Senators and as political group we are appealing the Constitutional Court.

During the path of approval of this Budget Law, although our action in the parliament was limited, we could raise some red flags to avoid some detrimental measures contained in a budget law with no vision and full of micro taxes complicating our already messy tax system instead of simplifying it. It is the case of the taxation of CFDs which fortunately was avoided saving a whole sector of the domestic financial industry.

Staying on the CFDs, few days ago Consob, thanks to a measure introduced by the League in the growth decree, prohibited the activities of a couple of Cypriot portals adopting unfair commercial behaviors in the trading of CFD’s and other financial instruments. Thanks to the League our financial environment is safe and fair towards final users.

Going back to the Budget Law my recommendation to advertise through our diplomatic body  Foreign Direct Investment measures and other measures useful for firms and people willing to operate in Italy was received by the Government: as a matter of fact, especially thanks to the amendments introduced by the League in the Budget Law for 2019 and the Growth Decree (you remember for sure the regulatory sandbox for fintech or the brain drain law for example) Italy has a good legal framework for the ones willing to do business in our Country, but no one knows that abroad.

Portugal for example or other Countries are more effective in this field.

It is very important to advertise this positive aspects because sooner or later Conte will go but Italy will always be on the map.


Thank you for listening and see you for the new years’ wishes soon, always on

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