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“Headhunters? The government changes its mind”


Hello and happy Mother’s Day by Giulio Centemero on
Last week we learned from the press that the use of headhunters by the Ministry of Economy and Finance was eliminated. It seems very strange to me because during an oral question held on the 19th February minister Gualtieri confirmed his will to follow the directive of 16th March 2017 setting forth the use of headhunters to select the components of the boards of companies participated by the Ministry itself.
This unjustified change leave the choice of the subjects to appoint to the full discretion of the Minister. But, the Minister himself said, on the 19th February, that passing through professional headhunters would be a guarantee of respect of qualitative and attitudinal criteria, therefore a guarantee of transparency.
The case in hand, together with the one of Carmine America, old friend of the minister of Foreign Affairs and (it seems) without the needed criteria of independence and professional skills for the position, raise some questions.
Concerning all this situation I therefore decided to file another question to the Minister and hopefully we’ll get a clear and meaningful explanation.