The center right was united and it was depicted one clear fact: Italy can have a stable government with a strong and consistent agenda for growth based for example on tax cuts, bureaucracy decrease and R&D investments. We could save up on redistributive “pour Boire” laws and invest in competitiveness. Now...
    The Hon. Giulio Centemero MP, co-chairman of the economic panel of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, and the Hon. Chamel Roukoz MP, Head of the Lebanese delegation at the same Assembly, met this morning in Beirut. Today’s meeting follows the meeting of the Economic Panel held on the 4th and 5th July...
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Every year, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) offers awards for regional excellence in various fields, ranging from arts and sports to economics and politics. Distinguished individuals, institutions and organizations are recognized for contributing to the betterment of the region by bridging relationships, fostering understanding and respect, and encouraging socio-economic cooperation, political dialogue, confidence […]

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