League: amendments of the Relaunch Decree



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Next week the budget committee at the Chamber of Deputies will analyze and vote the amendments to the so called “Relaunch Decree”. I have to say that this government is quite creative about naming the Decrees. All kidding aside the hot topics will be in particular Tourism, which represents 13% of our GDP, eco bonus on constructions, labour, tenders, flat taxation and local institutions.
While the Cassation Court with a recent position (ordinance 11187/2020) extended de facto the tax peace promoted by the League’s government, all policies implemented by the current government are penalizing the productive categories like for example the reduction of the perimeter for the flat taxation. The tax peace concerned about thirteen million tax payers for a total amount of 32 billion euros. We need this kind of measures to “relaunch” the economy: less taxes and less bureaucracy.
Last week, for the yearly meeting of CONSOB with the market the president of the Republic launched a positive message concerning our stock exchange and so did the president of Consob, talking about the importance of new technologies and the protection of the domestic savings. Let’s hope this two voices will be heard within the government.

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