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Last week finally in the Finance committee the survey about financial markets for growth started with two hearings: Ania, the association of Insurance Companies and VC Hub, the association of Venture Capital. Soon you will find a written report of the hearings on my blog, now I’ll just say that the two associations highlighted the resilience of their respective sectors during Covid and the fact, dear to me as it all started thanks to an amendment of mine during the Growth Decree, that the sandbox for Fintech and Insuretech is key for the growth of our economy.
Meanwhile the so called simplification decree was published and unfortunately it doesn’t seem an effective instrument: we’ll try to amend it in order to cut a bit of the huge Italian red tape.
Next week the presidencies of the committees in both chamber and senate will be renewed, it is a test about the solidity of this majority in a period in which more tests are carried out on this unusual majority: from Alitalia to Autostrade, from Borsa to the 5g the different approaches are emerging very clearly and jeopardizing the image of our Country that seems more and more further from the ‘rule of law’ principle.
Thank you for listening and see you next week!

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