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Good evening by Giulio Centemero on
If you’d ask me what are the biggest problems in the Italian system I’d reply: red tape (i.e. bureaucracy) and its direct parent, state control.
The first issue is also the most highlighted by international investors during the meetings I have the chance to participate.
Beginning of the past week, in a letter to the director of Sole24ore, Mr. Salvini touched the parent problem highlighting the lack of transparency on the state resources invested in Alitalia, and the lack of vision and skills of the government.
In another letter to the director of il Sussidiario, Mr. Capitanio MP, is describing an amendment tabled by the League to the simplification decree, in order to digitalize the post mortem fulfillments. Yes, you understood me well; currently death certificate are printed on paper, on a non common format called A3+ and by a dot matrix printer. The forms must be in two copies and stored in paper format. As if we are jumping in a DeLorean to go back to the 80s… The amendment suggests the digitalization of the process that would create savings of some euro twenty five billions a year for the public administrations. The devil is really in the details.

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