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Good afternoon everyone by Giulio Centemero on We already talked about the strange behaviour towards KKR within the board of Telecom Italia involving also a non appropriate call from the prime minister. This week two more chapters of this affair were revealed: chapter one, the newspaper la Verità discovered a Decree of the prime minister (so called DPCM) of the 7th august, kept secret, allowing telecom Italia to use 5G Huawei technology with very light conditions; chapter two, Minister Di Maio is preparing an official visit to Rome of the MFA of the PRC.
Chapter one was confirmed by the minister of defence Guerini and the minister of Eu Affairs Amendola, unfortunately only after the press revelations, i.e. two weeks after the signing of the decree. As you know the DPCM are decrees, they have effectiveness as a law but they are not voted or modified by the parliament and they don’t need to be published on the Official Gazette of the Republic. Why is this government keeping secrets about matters concerning the Economy and security of the Country and excluding the parliament? Why all this favour towards China and this attitude against the US and the free market rules? Why this misalignment with other European Countries?

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