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Concerns regarding the Golden Power.



Hello and good afternoon from Tuscany by Giulio Centemero on
During the past week we learned from the press that the presidency of the council called the board of Telecom Italia during a meeting asking not to approve the binding offer from the American Global Investment Firm KKR to sell a minority share of the group network with no governance. Well, this would be the first time in the history of the Republic that a prime minister influences the choices of a listed company, moreover during a board meeting!
In addition to this the day before yesterday at the council of ministers there would have been a vote about the Golden Power on using Huawei as 5g provider for 9 Italian Regions. According to press sources very light conditions would have been approved giving green light to transaction. On Friday my colleagues Formentini, Capitanio and I raised a red flag on the procedure: at first the council of ministers was postponed from 1pm to 6:30pm, but as of today we have no news about the Golden Power opinion which could mean it was either classified or crossed out.
The questions raising in my mind are: are we still working in a free market environment? Do we still respect the rule of law? Are we still living in a free country?

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