How De-stabilized is the Government?


Hello and good evening from Pisa by Giulio Centemero on

In the past week the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies voted for the renewal of the chairladies and chairmen of the permanent committees. There were some surprises: two of the newly elected Chairmen in the Senate, the one at the Justice Committee and the one at the Agriculture committee are not from the majority, they actually are from the League. This destabilised the already thin balance reached amid the majority parties especially leaving Free and Equal party without any positions in the parliament. At the chamber of deputies, in my committee, the majority for example had to remove 10 MPs of the five stars movement and beg for votes even from the center right in order to ensure the election of Renzi’s party candidate. How can such a jugged and uneven majority lead the country out of this crisis? How can for example ensure the correct functioning of the capital markets now that in its interim results the London Stock Exchange Group is considering the sale of MTS or Borsa Italiana as a whole?

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