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Elections postponed: the symptom of a puzzled majority

hello and good evening from Milan by giulio centemero on During the week ahead the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies should vote for the renewal of the chairladies and chairmen of the permanent committees.
As you remember these elections were disrespectfully postponed last minute two weeks ago and they are a real indicator of the new balances within the Parliament and the government. Many things can be understood from the results.
On another page as you may remember on the 5th November 2019 I asked president Conte the motivations behind the choice to activate the Golden Powers about the Retelit case. I did it because Mr. Conte as a lawyer, while he was prime minister in pectore, issued a positive opinion to retelit about the activation of such powers, and few months afterwards his council of Ministers approved them. A couple of days ago the administrative court of Lazio said the investigation was deficient and cancelled the decree. Now it would be fair to understand if the prime minister is in anyway guilty of market abuse, it would be nice to understand if he’s fit and proper to cover his position.
Thank you for listening and see you next week always on


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