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VIDEO: The Government and Borsa S.p.A.


Good evening everybody by Giulio Centemero on
While the government, according to some statements to the press made by Mr. Gualtieri, is going to ask a larger deficit for the fifth time since the pandemic started, tensions within the government are rising by the minute. Some analysts are saying we are living the last hours before Conte’s departure from Chigi palace. Meanwhile we are finally going to discuss a motion about the sale of Borsa Italiana at the Chamber of Deputies. We are discussing about the subject after the deal, involving the Public participated CDP: it would have definitely been better to involve the parliament before such a deal, but this is the state of affairs during Conte’s times.
On Tuesday I’ll hold the voting speech for my group and I’ll recall what we have done and what we are battling for in order to improve the Italian financial industry, from Consob powers to tax deductions for ELTIF (then turned into alternative PIR), from avoiding additional taxation on CFD’s to raising our voice about the unfairness about the asymmetrical application of the Tobin Tax within the EU. This is gonna be an interesting week. Stay tuned!

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