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Innovation: The development of the Italian banking sector.



Hello and good evenening by Giulio Centemero on Giulio
During the past week the budget committee worked on the amendments to the so called relaunch Decree and this week they’ll probably go on working on those.
As of today also a governative amendment to extend the so called Golden Power on financial infrastructure has been announced by the press.
Lately a lot of buzzing is being done around our financial sector, especially concerning our stock exchange, Generali, Mediobanca and the Merger Intesa Ubi that would finally give Italy a real champion in the banking sector.
In this scenario, stressed by the Covid crisis, it is more important than ever to take stock of the situation: this is why several months ago I asked the Finance Committee at the Chamber of Deputies to carry out a survey on Capital Markets for Growth.
It is key to understand how to foster and sustain our enterprises through channels different than the traditional banking ones, it is key to understand what Italy lacks: is it infrastructure? is it education? Is it information?
Let’s discover it together through this survey. The first appointment will be next Thursday with ANIA, the association grouping the Italian insurance companies. If you have any questions you would like to ask them just let me know. I’ll keep you posted!
Thank you for listening and see you next week always on

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