The Government Stalled



Good Evening by Giulio Centemero on
Next week we should have voted some motions about the Italian stock exchange among which one of Lega. Officially because of some Covid cases, but I think also because of the little earthquake we are witnessing within the majority, the Chamber of Deputies will not carry voting activities next week. As a matter of fact on Thursday the activities were suspended on a constitutional project because of a strong disagreement within the majority. Tomorrow anyway there will be a general discussion on the matter and as League we would like the government to protect and enhance the autonomy of our Stock Exchange, we’d like a long term strategy in the tech innovation to be put in place, we’d like an improvement in transparency and simplification of IPO processes and we need the MTS to be strengthen. In this blog we underlined already how data is key in today’s world and beyond the matter we are talking about. In the newspaper il Foglio professor Giovanardi shows that Svimez, a think tank about the industrial development in Southern Italy, elaborates data starting from wrong hypotheses. Too bad, because the current government bases its own decisions on what Svimez says.

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