The “Digital Highway”



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The financial weekly newspaper Milano Finanza published yesterday a letter of Senator Salvini in which he talks about the telco infrastructure highlighting that because of the majority’s consociational management we still don’t have the the “digital highway” that during lockdown could have been fundamental in keeping the pace of work and study. According to a study of Politecnico Milano the cost of not having digitalized the Public Administration is about twenty five billions a year. For the single network and the broadband we need the Genoa model and we need to delegate regions and talk with enterprises. For the education sector as league we had freed some 1.5 billion euros of resources in December of the last year but with the current majority most of schools begun the year without high speed internet. We need a credible project in the same time avoiding monopolistic temptations and obstacles for free market and competition. Clear ideas are needed and if the ministers of Economy, Economic Development and Innovation talk different languages the picture of Italy will remain the one depicted by the European Desi index in which we are among the last countries together with Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.
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