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Borsa S.p.A. – the bidders

Hello and good afternoon by giuliocentemero on
According to the press there are three offers for the LSEG bid on Borsa Italiana: the duo CDP-Euronext, the Swiss based Six and Deutsche Boerse. No one expected such an interest on our stock exchange and, I would say, this is a good sign.
What’s the best candidate? Well it has to be an international group granting autonomy, investments, technology and new investors, i.e. new liquidity for our enterprises. In particular the new business plan should focus on the SMEs, backbone of the Country, and have a solid plan for the MTS, the Public Debt platform that, for a Country with a huge debt like Italy is key for our future.
The press is talking a lot about the statement of Mr. Gualtieri, Minister of the Economy, in which he hopes the new shareholder will be from the Eurozone and that the government can activate the Golden Power. Without trying to understand the ultimate meaning of these words I think the Italian legal scenario it’s clear to all the bidders and the Minister’s press releases is definitely redundant, furthermore concerning the eurozone concept it has to be noticed that Euronext and Deutsche Boerse are public companies, so in principle subject to scaling by global investors, and they are already participated by a majority of non EU subjects. Markets are global, and as long as rules are respected, should be open to everyone. Well I didn’t like the words of Mr. Gualtieri because they give an idea of a government willing to limit opportunities while Italians are open to business.

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