The Emergency Decree

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Last week the role of the parliament was once again mortified, and the role of democracy along with it.
On Tuesday I went to the plenary convinced to be voting the decree Emergency but all of a sudden the Minister of the relations with the Parliament, Mr. D’Incà, officially put forth the so called confidence, i.e. the decree has to be voted as it is without the possibility of amendments by the parliament. Why? Because the Council of ministers in the decree, that was supposed to be just the prolongation of the state of Covid emergency untile the 15th October, inserted a new rule concerning the duration and the prorogation of the directors of our three intelligence agencies (AISE, AISI and DIS). According to the current regulation those directors stay in charge for four years and can be renovated once. In the decree this rule was changed in an unclear way leaving space to different interpretations among which the one of a longer duration. A longer duration for such positions could be dangerous: law 127 of 2007 stated the said limits in order to avoid that someone stays in such delicate positions for too long. Fifty, I repeat fifty MPs of the Five Stars, i.e. the same majority of Conte, tabled an amendment to erase such a new rule. They were not considered by their same majority and at the end of the day 28 of them didn’t participate to the confidence vote. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to stop this crazy and dangerous move.
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