A Summary and future Provisions

Good evening everybody.
It’s been a rainy and cold week in Italy after a summery October.
Last Monday the tv show Quarta Repubblica, starting from my reply to mr Conte after his explanation of the possible conflict of interest in the Retelit case, reported a possible market abuse. If you have the chance I suggest you to watch the show, it is quite interesting.
Unfortunately the following day, when I was on my way to Naples, a newspaper reported some fake news about me. Coincidence? Maybe. For sure just a newspaper reported them and my Lawyer is dealing with them. I’ll invest the compensation in charity. Any suggestions?
In Naples I went to the event “The days of the South” organized by the industrial associations of Caserta and Naples: we held talks on how to develop the economy in the South of Italy and the companies member of the two association had B2B meetings with companies from Morocco.
I participated to the event as cochairman of the Economic Panel of the parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean and the creation of a common economic ground in the Mediterranean perfectly fits in the purposes of the project we kicked off in Milan on the 4th and 5th July 2019.
During the upcoming week we are going to vote the amendments to the Tax Decree in the Finance Committee (you read already some comments on the blog about it) and the Prime Minister of Armenia will pay a visit to Italy.
The prime Minister, the minister of Economy and the Governor of the Central bank of Armenia will held a Business Forum in Milan on the 21st to present this amazingly growing country as a Hub for Euroasia.
Notwithstanding this unfortunate government, that in my opinion won’t last that long, especially after Lucia Borgonzoni will become president of Emilia Romagna, Italy is a country with great assets and strategically located between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, between West and East.
Have a nice Sunday and See you next week!

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