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Good evening everybody by giulio centemero on Giulio
On Friday the newspaper Italia Oggi published a letter of mine in which I highlighted that many of the measures listed in the so called Colao’s task force plan are nothing more than a reproposal of Lega’s amendments tabled to different recent decrees. For example the abrogation of the current tenders’ code, the offset of payables towards the public administration, the postponement of taxes’ installments were amendments to the so calle Treat Italy Decree. I think it’s important to say it because our amendments came from listening to the productive categories of the countries about the imaginative decrees issued by this government and they were punctually rejected by the current majority or accepted with important parts missing. Italy wasted three months. I’d like to give another example: I personally tabled an amendment to the so called Liquidity Decree in order to extend the public warranties of the decree to factoring transactions including pro soluto and reverse factoring. The majority rejected most of my amendment but the task force published a slide about how important this extension would be. As a matter of fact the same task force judged negatively the measures of the government provoking “l’avide de popularité” Conte that in return summoned promptly the States general of the Economy.

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