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The Retelit case: conflict of interests?



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On Tuesday, after the Prime Minister Conte said his version about the conflict of interest on the Retelit case, some important questions were still pending and I asked him:

  1. who had formally conferred him the professional mandate to draw the opinion on Retelit because he stated that he did not speak with Mincione or with the rest of the management of fiber 4.0, then with whom?

Plus doesn’t it seem strange that a minister in pectore and university professor did not know who his new client was?

  1. If he was given the mandate before or after being indicated as possible minister by the 5stars Party?
  2. Why did he call Carige’s lawyer Mr. D’Angelo during the shareholders’ meetings of the bank? It seems to me an unusual behavior for a Prime Minister…
  3. Why did he lie and said that when he signed the opinion he did not expect to go to Palazzo Chigi in 15 days? In fact, several press sources reported that before May 14 he had direct contact with the leaders of the two then majority parties.

During my speech I also pointed out that It is interesting to observe the trend of Retelit shares and the volumes traded in the stock exchange. Conte, the lawyer, signs the opinion on May 14th and, on the 16th, the volumes begin to rise, reaching a peak at the end of the month and remaining significantly high immediately after the appointment of Prime Minister Conte. Coincidence? Maybe.

I also stressed the fact that there is a lot of emphasis on the physical absence of the Prime Minister from the Council of Ministers meeting regarding activating the golden power in relation Retelit. It should be pointed out that the golden power was put on the table by the Ministry of Economic Development, whose Minister was the political leader of the Prime Minister’s party (Di Maio). The previous investigation and subsequent execution of the GP should be underscored and analyzed together with the parties involved.

Yesterday, former minister Centinaio, highlighted on an interview by la Verità, that the Ministers participating to the Council that decided on the GP for Retelit, were not told about the possible conflict of interest of the Prime Minister. A decision was taken without an important and necessary piece of information.

During the week an article on the Corriere said that Mincione obtained a legal opinion by GOP, a prominent Italian Legal Firm, stating the GP should not apply for the case in hand, therefore one of his collaborators asked another lawyer to draw such an opinion: Mr. Conte.

The case is quite complicated and added to the ILVA case it is jeopardising our international credibility in a moment in which, as some of you are telling me, investors are looking at Europe with more interest.

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