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Hello and good evening by Giulio Centemero on
The Work in the committees on the Liquidity Decree was very slow, the pace was given by the opinions of the government reaching always late (last minute I would say) the parliament and the two committees in charge. During the works we’ve also seen a very high degree of entropy within the majority parties, reaching some peaks with open arguments between MPs of the same party. Very few amendments of the opposition were approved and, as a matter of fact, very few also of the majority that strangely enough tabled many many amendments to modify a decree coming from its own government.
Among my amendments only one was partially approved allowing factoring operations to be guaranteed by the same state warranties used for the loans.
The Decree still focuses on Debt through banking channels. Nothing was done to foster the use and facilitate the access to equity.
Unfortunately my amendment that would have extended the tax credit of 50% on IPO ‘s consulting costs to all kinds of IPOs and to equity crowdfunding was rejected. I’ll go on supporting this kind of proposals and sooner or later well… entropy will do its job.

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