Italian Government. What’s the situation?


Sunny day in Milan while in Rome within the majority the atmosphere it’s quite stormy. Many of you asked me what was modified since the balance within the majority changed with the exit of Renzi’s party. Well, let’s analyze the situation within the committees recalling the fact that we are a Parlamentarian Republic.
In the chamber of deputies the government keeps the majority in ten over fourteen committees among which Finance and Transportations and Telco where the charm an and the chair lady belong to Renzi’s party, introducing anyway a certain degree of instability. In the Senate the government doesn’t have the majority in nine over fourteen committees, plus Renzi’s Party has one chair lady and the League two chairmen, including agriculture which is one of the few with a small but clear majority for the governmental wing.
Another milestone for the government will be the vote on the report of Minister Bonafede about the situation of the Italian Justice. I foresee another vote that could put the majority into troubles.

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