In Italy federal reform is needed

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During the past week the Chamber of deputies, through confidence vote and without any agreement between majority and opposition, approved the so called “healing Italy” Decree. It was the second confidence vote, i.e. the Decree was converted into law.
On Friday I had a web meeting with my colleagues of the Parliamentary Network at the World Bank and IMF: parliamentarians from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas talked and what raised in many cases was the deprivation of the powers of parliaments in this period of crisis. Only federal institutional architectures granted the functioning of democracies because decisions can be taken fast, at a local level and central government just have to support locally taken decisions.
In Italy the government issued 6 decrees since the crisis started: lots of papers but still no real help for families and enterprises. This week more laws will be drafted.
Fortunately we have regions: they are not comparable to the States of the US but they enjoy some degree of Autonomy. My region, Lombardy, was the first and most heavenly hit by Covid-19: health wise, together with Sicily, Lombardy has now the lowest RT index in Italy, while Emilia Romagna the highest. RT index indicates the potential transmissibility of an infectious disease. Moreover the Lombard regional government launched a recovery plan of 3billion euros.
This is food for thought for a federal reform of Italy.
Thank you for listening and have a nice week!

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