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From the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, to the designation of the next boards of directors in companies participated by the State. The facts of Italian politics

Hello and good evening everybody.

Last week I wasn’t in Rome because of the plenary sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean held in Athens.
Nevertheless my colleague and friend Edoardo Rixi had the chance to ask minister Gualtieri about the headhunters appointed to chose the new Boardmembers of the companies directly or indirectly participated by the State.
Minister Gualtieri replied by simply telling what was known already, i.e. that four headhunting companies won the tenders of the Ministry omitting what was more important: the criteria that will be used to select the board members and if there will be any mechanism to preserve continuity wherever there were good results.
The superficiality shown by this government in everything they do is simply stunning. We are in the midst of Corona Virus crisis, the Economy of the Country is downsizing and they can only fight over some positions.
Allow me to wish that the choices of the boards of the companies participated by the State could be made transparently, according to meritocracy and not to political closeness.





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