Elections in Emilia Romagna and Calabria. What impact do they have on the Italian national government?


Good afternoon by Giulio Centemero on in this voting Sunday: people are now voting in Emilia Romagna and Calabria and we will know the results in few hours.

From contacts with international investors and researchers in Geopolitcs I realized that what worries more about Italy is political instability and weakness of the governments.

This is not new but it’s a point about which, citizens and politicians should think in order to improve the Country.

Bloomberg, The Financial Times and the New York Times among others, dedicated quite a lot of attention to regional elections in Emilia Romagna and, strange enough for me, not the same level of attention in the ones of the Southern Region of Calabria.

Emilia Romagna is a stronghold of the Left since the End of Second World War and it is clear that a change in administration means more than having a new president: it would be a cultural revolution in which people who always voted for the socialist left are now voting for the liberal center right.

Now the question that investors are mostly asking is: would this Regional elections have an impact on the national government?

For sure the majority in the Parliament is the minority in the Country, for sure the defections of many five stars MPs and senators, the resignation of Mr. Di Maio as political chief of the Five Stars are increasing the weakness of the government.

This is why we would have liked to ask the Italians, trough a referendum, to express theirselves about a majority electoral system that would give a clear majority to the Country after elections.

I’d like to highlight furthermore that wherever we have been in the government, towns, provinces or regions, our administration has been appreciated by all the citizens. There should be a reason why for example many patients from the rest of Italy chose the hospitals of Regions Lombardy or Veneto to be treated; regions in which we have been at the government for about 25 years.

You can definitely see that where we are at the administration we don’t push local entities to default like happens sometimes when someone from other parties is mayor or president of Region, and we provide quality services to our citizens.

In the other hand only yesterday, Italia Oggi, a tax and legal newspaper, was for example reporting that in the so called “one thousand prorogations decree” there’s a drafting bug in the part introducing the local tax which delete a number of local taxes in 2020 to unify them in a single tax starting in 2021. Yes you heard me well, 2021, one year later. According to Italia Oggi this bug would generate about 2bn shortfall.

Another mistake happened with the immediate entering into force of the obligation for baby seats anti abandon devices: for example it took me 3 months to get one after because there was not enough production, but all the parents were nonetheless heavily punishable if not having one, although the immediate entering into force didn’t give enough time to factories to produce the devices.

The current majority is detached from the reality and superficial, this is why the people are more and more choosing the League: we are pragmatic people.

There should be a reason why we are at the government of the two most advanced regions since a quarter of century, don’t you think?

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