Dl LIQUIDITA’. All the next steps



Hello and good afternoon by giulio centemero on
Tonight I’m flying to Rome and tomorrow we will start, together with the Tenth committee of the Chamber of Deputy, i.e. the Productive Activities one, to work on the liquidity decree.
The Decree has been issued by the government and focuses mainly on Debt provided by the banking system. It raised a lot of protests and controversies because at the end of the day it takes time and it is very difficult for corporations to get loans from the banking channel, also because the public warranties do not provide one hundred percent coverage and, again, it takes time and procedures to obtain them.
There’s nothing about alternative financial markets and equity in particular. Yet again, as I said in my letter addressed to CDP’s CEO, nothing to provide a bridge to innovative companies and in particular startups to overtake the crisis.
For example a few weeks ago the association VC Hub proposed several amendments for the sector; as League we’ll table them all, because they gather the voices from the real economy, from the real world. Moreover I’m talking to players operating in other equity markets, including crowdfunding, in order to find robust solution for this crisis like an extension of the tax credit on IPO’s.
The biggest mistake for a politician is to be self referential: it is important to listen to the real world, the citizens, our employers.

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