Corona Virus, what went wrong in Italy?



Hello and good evening.
As League’s parliamentarians we started asking the government for controls and quarantines on the 30th January, presidents of the Regions of the League asked for controls in the schools on the 3rd February, a lot of MD’s asked for the same measures but nothing has been done until the 21st February.
It is clear that the central government for three weeks hasn’t done what it was supposed to do and the Virus came from China without any kind of barriers. The situation had to be managed at a local level and it is very unfair that now Mr. Conte tries to put the blame on our Region’s Presidents, the ones who’s been working and finding solutions boots on the ground.
Now our effort is the one to help our doctors and to help our economy to restart.
Many friends and relatives are calling from abroad and I realised they are seeing a distorted version of what’s happening here. I’m in Milan right now, I had a stroll with my two and a half months old kid this morning without any masks, I went out yesterday night, I went to the market to do grocery and I went to the office. My usual life.
How can we help our Economy? This morning on the newspaper La Repubblica Mr. Gualtieri said by doing more deficit and asking for an additional 0.2 Deficit over GDP to Brussels, equal to some 3.6 billions.
I personally think that, without any judgement on the amount, any intervention of this government would be ineffective because of a lack of vision; measures would be fragmented like the majority proposing them. In 6 month of this government our Economy got worse and worse and now we’d need sound economic measures: great tax incentives for the middle class, a total tax exemption for companies located in the critical areas for a reasonable amount of time and positive communication of Italy abroad to regain the trust of people about our beautiful country.
It is also interesting to check some other points of view, like the ones these days Nassim Taleb is expressing on his twitter account.
It is also time to do some structural and liberal reforms in Italy and Europe that go beyond simple and usual claims.
Thank you for listening, see you next week!

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