Cononavirus. We need liquidity for our businesses


Hello and good evening from Giulio Centemero on
It is clear that enterprises need liquidity to overtake this crisis.
Examples in other Countries are showing this clearly, but our government still didn’t take effective measures.
A debate was raised not only by the opposition but especially by the civil society: a manifesto was launched by the magazine Milano Finanza, a petition by the association VC Hub and a proposal by Minima Moralia association.
I also wrote to Cassa Depositi e Prestiti to raise this issue.
I hope this mobilisation of civil society will convince the government to issue one hundred per cent warranties on loans in order to provide enterprises a bridge through this crisis without neglecting startups, the most fragile but often agile and innovative companies.
This is also the reason why I tabled a written question asking to activate a primary law approved during the Growth Decree by the Parliament, the one providing with the full activation of the Warranty Fund on mini bonds.
Furthermore as League we are urging the government to stabilise the tax incentives for investments in ELTIF and extending the tax credit for IPO’s costs also to crowdfunding in order to provide more capitals to the real economy.
I hope the government will listen to us and in the next decree there will be some measures to provide actual liquidity to our economy.

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