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A New Challenge: Chairman of the PAM Economic Affairs Panel


Moroccan Senator Lhou Lmarbouh and I were both appointed chairmen of the “Economic Affairs” panel during the 13th plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) in Belgrade (Serbia). My role is to promote and manage socioeconomic relations between Assembly countries towards mutual opportunity and benefit.

PAM, an international organization and observer at the UN General Assembly, has established itself as the main actor of parliamentary diplomacy in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Its firmly rooted activities support the work of other international organizations that promote security, stability and peace.

I am very grateful for this nomination as it represents a great opportunity for Italy, which has the potential to become a beacon for economic development in the entire Mediterranean region. We have the appropriate background to attract SMEs that are starting up and ready for growth thanks to the latest budgetary measures.

Receiving this nomination in Serbia, with whom Italy already has a strong trade relationship and an established collaboration in the fight against organized crime, is also a positive omen. I witnessed the gradual healing of past wounds as representatives from Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia (the former Yugoslavian states) sat together and collaborated while respecting their respective identities and traditions.

Diversity creates value.

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