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Centemero on Brexit: What are the Risks to Borsa Italiana?

“In his inaugural speech, Boris Johnson said he was willing to implement Brexit, even without an agreement.

What would happen in Italy as a result?

The Italian law decree on Brexit was put in place in order to protect our citizens and businesses, but some liabilities remain. Our stock exchange is part of the London Stock Exchange Group. In the case of a hard Brexit, would the Group remain a shareholder of the Borsa Italiana? Would the UK leaving the EU decrease or increase interest in Italy? What was the investment plan for Italy and what is it now?

Brexit was an unpredictable scenario when the Italian Stock Exchange merged with the British one. Today, the context is drastically different and runs a risk of instigating a problem. Italian banks completely exited the London Stock Exchange in 2012 and, to date, Italian shareholders are limited to zero point. This
unprecedented situation raises the question of whether the total disengagement of the banks made sense. If the stock market was mainly comprised of Italian shareholders, this problem would not arise.

Borsa Italiana is a strategic asset for our country. We must not let our guard down. The League will do its part.”


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