Postponing parliamentary elections, the government last minute provision.

Hello and good afternoon by Giulio Centemero on
As I was telling in my last video during the past week we should have held the elections of the permanent committees’ chairladies and chairmen. As I told you it could have been a test on the strength of the majority. Well, this test was postponed last minute by the majority itself, because they were and they are still facing disagreements within the government and within parties and leaders. In a parlamentarian Republic like Italy this should not happen because the parliament is the center of direct democracy as parlamentarians are directly voted by the citizens.
This, together with the outcome of ASPI case are really undermining a very important democratic principle: the one of the rule of law.
I’ll keep you posted on this and on the prosecution of the survey at the Finance Committee about the Financial Markets for growth: this week we’ll held the hearing of Italia Fintech.



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