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Hello and good afternoon by Giulio Centemero on
It’s 8th December and, as tradition states, we prepared the Christmas tree.
Yesterday the La Scala premiere took place with one of the first Operas I watched when I was a kid: Tosca. I personally love the first act and I consider it to be part of my philosophy of life: don’t mix the sacred with the profane.
During this week the Chamber of deputies voted for the Tax Decree on which the confidence procedure was applied.
Too many amendments were tabled by the majority to say that this majority is solid.
Moreover the budget law will basically be discussed only in the Senate, depriving the functions of the parliament, and the lower house in particular, in a parliamentary republic!
We are thinking to appeal the Constitutional Court for this.
It is funny to hear that we can’t have new elections, like for example happened in Spain or the UK, because the term of the parliament lasts five years and in the same time see one of the houses of the Parliament completely excluded from the most important law of the year, the one deciding the budgetary allocations for all the country. There are no urgency matters, for example there aren’t any infringements proceedings, justifying such a rush and such a closed process.
Meanwhile thousands of people are signing a petition against the proposed reform of the European Stability Mechanism: one aspect pushing the people to sign the petition is the fact that prime minister Conte didn’t involve the Parliament in the process and didn’t take into consideration a position taken by the Chamber of Deputies, i.e. by the representatives elected by the voters.
Again, an attempt to weaken the DNA of our Republic.
I think these are de facto consequences of an unbelievably quarrelsome majority which doesn’t have a clear vision for Italy.
This lack of vision is testified also by Atalantia, Ilva and Alitalia cases.
For the latter the majority readers in the Senate tabled an amendment providing for a 6 months loan of Four hundred millions at the euribor rate; it is a so called bridge but no one knows where it’s going to take us this bridge.
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